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Case Study

The Elliptical Terrace

Conversation Garden Case Study The Elliptical Terrace .jpeg
Conversation Garden Case Study_The Elliptical Terrace .jpeg

My client had four beautiful little girls and an elliptical-shaped home with a poorly designed front entrance. My job was to create a sense of arrival that was beautiful and functional, as well as provide a space where this busy family could come together to connect and watch the girls play while honoring the unique architecture.


An Elliptical Terrace Conversation Garden was the solution. 

Attention Grabber: Mid-century mod style front walkway draws you into the space.

Spatial Definition and Scale: Large format pavers as the floor, weathered steel curved fencing that echoes an interior railing of the same form serves as a wall, house window walls provide view to home’s interior.


Mother Nature: Due to the orientation of the space and surrounding walls, the space is very protected from wind and sun.

Green it Up: Permanent plantings are rather simple as to not detract from the home and feature red Japanese maple, redbud, shrubs, perennials, and ornamental grasses. The number of potted plants are kept to just a few, and are planted in a bold contemporary style in Mid-Century mod white planters. 


As the only outdoor gathering space for the family, the Elliptical Terrace Conversation Garden is getting tons of use. It even serves as a stage for little performances.


Mission accomplished!

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