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Case Study

Back Yard Pop-Up

Conversation Garden Case Study Back Yard Pop-Up.jpeg
Conversation Garden_Case Study_Back Yard Pop-Up.jpeg

Sometimes indoor and outdoor living areas aren’t big enough for the conversations that might take place during a special occasion.


The solution is to create temporary, or pop-up, Conversation Gardens that invite guests into the space and into conversation. 


The first example is the BoHo Chic Picnic Style Conversation Garden. It was positioned under the canopy of a huge green ash tree toward the side of a large backyard. These two sisters are conversing and connecting.

The second example is a romantic space designed for couples that had been invited to a backyard garden party. The home’s existing deck and patio were used for games and food, and the occasion called for additional spaces out in the landscape where partygoers could connect. I borrowed outdoor items from elsewhere on the property, such as the swing bed, rug, garden stool, and palm trees with interior items borrowed from the home. In fact, the little table is a child-sized table with a sheer curtain draped over it, the elegant tray came from the bathroom, and the artwork was formerly in a spare bedroom. The green, blue, and cream color scheme even includes a backdrop, or wall, of blue spruce trees. 

In both examples, opportunities for connection were created in previously unused outdoor space.


Mission accomplished!

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