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Case Study

The Round Room

Conversation Gardens Case Study The Round Room.png
COnversation Gardens Case Study_The Round Room.jpeg

The Round Room was created for conversations with family and friends. The shape of the space is rather round, therefore the name. This very special Conversation Garden was sited against a backdrop of existing trees and nestled into a low berm creating a beautiful and inviting destination in the farthest corner of the backyard. Three steps lower you into the space, altering your perspective both visually and psychologically. The result is a shift toward settling in and relaxation. 

Attention Grabber: Pops of blue and red pillows, throw blanket and mums, as well as the chartreuse color of sweet potato vine. 

Spatial Definition and Scale: The ceiling is defined by the canopy of a nearby white oak tree, as well as a double beam around the perimeter supported by round posts wrapped in vine covered trellises, which also suggest walls and windows to the adjacent landscape. The durable floor is made of concrete barn planks that stops just shy of a stone bench supported by boulders.

Thoughtful Furnishings: The hardness of natural stone is softened with outdoor pillows and throw blankets. Kindling and a lighter are always nearby to start a fire. 

Mother Nature: The drop in elevation and nearby trees provide protection from the wind. Nearby trees provide shade. On cool nights, the fire adds warmth. 

Green It Up: Permanent nearby plantings include Norway spruce, white oak, green ash, ninebark, oakleaf hydrangea, vines, and feather reed grasses. Temporary plants include hanging ferns and a few tough annuals (mums and sweet potato vine) in the ground and in pots at the entrance to the space.

The Round Room has become a popular spot for family conversations, connecting with neighbors, and as a teen hang out. 

Mission accomplished!

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