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Case Study

Abby's Grad Party

Abby was more than a client. She had been our nanny, and I wanted to do something special for her high school graduation party.


I knew her tight group of friends and family were very important to her.


With Abby and her mom’s help, I created a pop-up Conversation Garden for her special occasion by incorporating all five key components.

Attention Grabbers: Colorful outdoor rug, beverages.


Spatial Definition and Scale: Small, covered deck with railing next to an open deck.


Thoughtful Furnishings: Fresh flowers picked from Abby’s yard that happened to be school colors, a unique carved wood door with a chalkboard where her guests could write messages, comfortable furniture to accommodate small groups, lots of color and softness to reflect Abby’s sweet personality


Mother Nature: The solid roof provided shade, and drapes helped with sun coming in from the sides. The temperature was comfortable during the day, and throw blankets were handy as the coolness of the evening set in. String lights, and light spilling into the space from the dining room were just right. Bugs were kept at bay.


Green it Up: Plenty of nearby trees and shrubs with a view to the backyard and family garden. Hanging ferns and potted plants were strategically placed to add softness. Fresh flowers picked from nearby beds help repeat colors already in the permanent landscape.


Abby’s mom, Sue, shared with me later that the Conversation Garden was perfect for family conversations before, during, and the day after the party. 


Mission accomplished!

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