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Become a Conversation Gardens Ambassador

I’m on a mission to change the conversational landscape by changing the conversation landscape. It takes a village and an army of ambassadors to make this happen. Join me. Help me spread the message across the globe and create as many Conversation Gardens as possible. Pause for a minute and think about what will happen if we don’t. Now, imagine how wonderful it will be when we do! We need conversations. We need Conversation Garden Ambassadors.

Four Steps To Becoming a Conversation Gardens Ambassador

Step 1  |  Locate

Locate a space you think might be a Conversation Garden. It can be private or public, indoor or outdoor. If you can, create a Conversation Garden at your home or business. Use this book as a guide. Hire a designer if needed. 


Use the Evaluation Worksheet here to see if all Five Key Components are present.


Step 2  |  Prepare

Think about who you will be conversing with. What are the relevant conversation considerations? What can you do to make the space physically and emotionally comfortable? What questions will you have ready? What will your mindset be?

Step 3   |  Talk to Yourself & Others

Have a conversation with yourself in the Conversation Garden. Have you been avoiding anything or anybody? What comes to mind? Think about strong and weak relationships in your life. Then, invite somebody into the space you would like to have a stronger relationship with. This could be a colleague, family member, partner, yourself, or God. Then, keep going. Practice conversations. Keep using the Conversation Garden. 

Step 4  |  Share Your Conversation Garden with Me and Others

Talk about the importance of conversations in your circles of friends and families. Remind them that where you have conversation matters. Send me a few pictures of the space and a paragraph or two about how your relationship changed as a result of using the Conversation Garden. I’d love to hear from you!  Contact me using the form below.

Become a Conversation Gardens Ambassador

We need conversations. We need Conversation Garden Ambassadors!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Conversation Gardens Ambassador!
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“We completely underestimate the power

of human conversation to change the world.”

~Margaret J. Wheatley

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