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Case Study

Engagement Party 

COnversation Gardens Case Study Engagement Party.jpeg
COnversation Gardens Case Study Engagement Party 2.jpeg

My clients were young, hip, creative, beautiful inside and out, and poised to celebrate their engagement in their small apartment with attached small balcony (7’ x 14’) in the Historic East Village in Downtown Des Moines, Iowa.


I wanted them to have a memorable engagement party for themselves and their many friends. I set out to create a Bo-Ho Chic Picnic Style Conversation Garden that would be cozy, intimate, and vibrant, just like the young couple.

Attention Grabber: Floor level palette table and antique carved wooden door.

Spatial Definition and Scale: Balcony defined by one main wall, railing toward parking lot, and tall railing draped with fabric. Floor level conversations were appropriate for this small space rather than bulky furniture.

Thoughtful Furnishings: Wine and snacks for this couple well-versed in all things food and wine, picture of the couple in ornate gold frame, bar cart stocked with essential ingredients for craft cocktails for these two talented bartenders, fabric draped on two sides for privacy, yet allowing view out to the street, potted plants in repurposed vessels, mismatched floor pillow and blankets for warmth and comfort.


Mother Nature: Warm summer evening with plenty of blankets to keep warm as the temperature dropped, solid roof over balcony provided shade. 

Green it Up: This urban setting did not provide any nearby vegetation; therefore, several potted plants were brought in, each with a different look to add to the mismatched Bo-Ho Chic vibe.

After the party, they shared with me that during the party, guests would take turns hanging out in the Conversation Garden where they talked into the early morning hours. 


Mission accomplished!

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