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Case Study

Woods Edge Gazebo

Conversation Gardens Case Study Gazebo.jpeg
Conversation Gardens Case Study_Woods Edge Gazebo .jpeg

Just off highway F-90 in central Iowa, tucked back against the woods you will find Plant Life Designs, owned by my friend and fellow designer, Tara Dudley. She has created one of the most beautiful gardens in the state. My favorite place to converse in the 3-acre garden is in the gazebo. I staged it for a special event at Plant Life Designs. Tara wanted her customers and guests to linger and connect with one another.


The gazebo already included some key components, so it was easy to transform it into a Conversation Garden.

Attention Grabber: Meandering path leading to gazebo and unique roof aspect of the structure. 


Spatial Definition and Scale: The gazebo structure defined the ceiling, walls and windows, while red bricks and an outdoor rug served as the floor. The 10  ft square space was the perfect size to accommodate a single conversation amongst 2-6 people. 

Thoughtful Furnishings: Several items make this space special, including, elevated ferns on weathered white plant stands, large colorful hanging basket, angled table and seating, softness and movement of hanging sheers. Conversation starters include the hanging basket of annuals and unique succulent centerpiece. 

Mother Nature: Due to nearby mature trees, this Conversation Garden was shaded and protected from the wind. 

Green it Up: This entire setting is enveloped in nature. Permanent plantings include mature trees, shrubs, and woodland perennials. Temporary plantings include potted plants, elevated ferns, hanging basket of annuals and succulent centerpiece. 

Tara’s customers and guests used the Woods Edge Gazebo Conversation Garden throughout the weekend.

Mission accomplished!

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